Therefore, for some of my adult life we defined as a lesbian, and just ever dated and sexed up females

Then about couple of years ago my destinations experienced a pretty jarring shift that is seismic. I destroyed desire for ladies and developed an alarming curiosity about guys. Just by other letters you’ve gotten, this might be familiar territory. After plenty of processing plus some fooling around by having a male friend which confirmed that my interest wasn’t simply restricted to your world of dream, we decided I’d love to bang males for the near future. I’ve been working through my angst and dissonance about it, and I’ve reached destination where I’m comfortable with myself. So, cool.

Aside from one niggling problem. I truly don’t like penis-in-vagina intercourse. My libido might be targeted at guys for the moment, but we nevertheless see myself as more of a premier when compared to a base during sex, and I also nevertheless have actually exactly the same style in intercourse acts — i do believe dental and handbook sex are perfect and I have fundamentally absolutely nothing away from being vaginally penetrated, though I’m thrilled to penetrate my partner if it’s exactly what they’re into. Continue Reading ->