I happened to be the token homosexual woman in my relationship team

This is the way developing as a lesbian can alter your friendships with straight individuals.

My name’s Lottie – I’m fashion obsessed, i shall consume such a thing if it provides cheese and I also love looking at videos of dogs on the net. Oh, and I’m a lesbian. There’s one thing about this known undeniable fact that’s changed my friendships because it became part of our blurb. But exactly why is that?

In school, I experiencedn’t understood any LGBTQ+ individuals, or at the least, and so I thought. I’d dated men because, well, that is simply exactly exactly exactly what everybody did and I also didn’t like to stand out just like a thumb that is sore. But, i usually knew that girls floated my watercraft. While in school the topic of sex never ever arrived up within my relationship sectors, that changed once I ended up being 17 and decided to go to university.

Fast ahead a couple of months, include in some drunken lavatory cubicle fumbles aided by the very first lesbian I’d ever met, and I realised exactly exactly what I’d always known – I became a big old homosexual girl, and I also had been willing to emerge!

And, when I fundamentally told everybody, there was clearly a change within the means my (all straight) buddies addressed me. My male friends began to inquire of me personally just just exactly how my sex-life ended up being going, asking when it comes to granular details like I’d out of the blue stepped away from a porno. My feminine buddies started to inquire of me personally to imagine become their gf to repel undesirable improvements from drunken males on nights away. Continue Reading ->